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These terms and conditions ("Conditions") together with any other documents, laws or other materials incorporated into these Conditions, set out the terms of the agreement (together, the “Agreement”) between BubbleGlobe SARL (“Us”, “Our” “We”) and you with regard to any Services (as defined below) that you may request and that we may provide.

BubbleGlobe is the trading name of BubbleGlobe SARL, a limited company incorporated in France (Siren 803536317) whose registered office is at 6 allée des ecouardes, 95150 Taverny.

By requesting, accessing or booking our Services, you acknowledge and agree, on your behalf and on behalf of those persons identified, that you have read these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them; and by any additional terms and conditions of any Supplier that are applicable to your booking.

You represent and warrant that:
- (i) you are of sufficient age to use our Services and
- (ii) if you are requesting Services on behalf of other people, you are legally authorized to act on behalf of those persons including the assumption of all obligations on their behalf, and
- (iii) you are solely responsible for informing such persons about the Conditions applicable to the Services you have requested on their behalf. You understand that you are financially responsible for any use of our Services or Site by you and those using your name or account.

We reserve the right to modify these Conditions at any time and without justification. We will post the revised Terms on the Site and update the ”Last Update” date to reflect the date of the changes. You have the obligation to review these Conditions regularly. Your continued use of our Services, following a change to these Conditions, constitutes your full acceptance of the revised Conditions. If you do not agree all of these Conditions, please do not use or access our Site and Services.


- "You" and “your” means (a) the person who requests Services from us (also “Travel Agent”/“Travel Expert”/“Organizer”), (b) the person whose name appears on a booking request form (also “Client”, Traveler”) (c) the person who confirms an itinerary, (d) all persons listed on a booking request or confirmed itinerary and (e) any person who is added or substituted at a later date in accordance with these Conditions.
- “Travel Agent” or “Organizer” or “Travel Expert” means the eligible person (see Article 1) who request or contract Services on behalf of a Client.
- “Traveler” or “Client” meaning the end Consumer hence the end consumer of the service which has been contracted and booked by the Organizer.
- "Suppliers" means those third party vendors, suppliers, information providers and travel and leisure service providers that we work with, and contract with, on your behalf, to provide the Services.
- "Services" means the information, content, products or services provided and/or facilitated by us pursuant to these Conditions.
- "Site" means our website ( or any successor site) which Services may be requested and/or provided.
- “Trip” means any bespoke or pre-arranged trip, tour, itinerary, event or activity, or combination thereof, which we make available for booking through the Site.

Article 1 - Eligibility to Use the Site – DECLARATIONS

1.1. Conditions of eligibility

To be eligible for the Site, the Organizer must be a professional within the definition of consumer law duly registered as such in the trade and companies register, and using the Site for professional purposes only.
The Organizer must also complete the registration form on the Site and provide the following information in particular:
- its corporate name, trade name ;
- the last name and first name of its legal representative; and
- his telephone and email contact details.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to not process or refuse access to the Site. If you are eligible, you will be notified by email after you request our access to our Site. In rare occasion, and at our sole discretion, we may decide to give access to our Site to a Client.

1.2. Statements by the Organizer

The Organizer declares and guarantees:
- that he has received all the information necessary to make an informed decision;
- that the conclusion hereof does not constitute a violation (i) of its statutes or of any contractual obligation or of a law or regulation which would be applicable to him, (ii) of a court decision (which would have been served or notified to him prior to the date hereof) or (iii) a decision of an administrative, judicial or regulatory authority (which would have been served or notified to him prior to the date hereof);
- that he is not in a state of suspension of payments nor he is the subject of a procedure for the prevention and treatment of corporate difficulties (French law 84-148 of 1984) or any similar measure or procedure or equivalent by virtue of the law governing him; and
- that the conclusion hereof constitutes a valid and enforceable obligation with regard to him.

Article 2 – Trip Planning

Following your request and during the entire planning period, we will do our best to get to know your client and understand his interests. We will present you with different Services and options through our Site or any other format (PDF proposals, emails, brochures). The main characteristics of the Services, of which you are required to be aware before any subscription, will be presented on the Site or these documents. Any request for additional Services by you, not included in the Service, will be invoiced by us or our Suppliers.
The photographs, videos and graphics presented on the Site or any other document we may send you, illustrating the Services in particular, are not contractual and cannot engage our responsibility nor our Suppliers’.
We calculate the approximate budget of our Services and we present that budget under the form of a quote: a list of the elements that you can validate/amend or reject until you are entirely satisfied.
The rates quoted in our Site and estimates are correct at the time of publication. Note that the rates proposed in the quotes are only guaranteed for a 72 hours period and are subject to change after this period.
Quotes requested within 29 days may be more expensive and not mirroring the original proposal even if the Services proposed are the same. We also reserve the right to apply extra booking fees (also administrative fees) for Services that we may consider time consuming or of little value for our activity, such as but not limited to: requests to book tickets or restaurant reservations. You will be notified of such fees prior confirmation of your booking.
Our rates and payments are in EURO and inclusive of tax (if applicable) at the current government rate.
Our rates do not include travel insurance, gratuities and any other spending not clearly specified as “included” on your quote.
Our rates may be presented to you in “NET” (no commission included), “Gross” (with commission included) according to your preferences and may or may not include payment fees (as defined in Article 3). In any case, the final price for the Services is the price we confirm to you at the time of the booking (online payment link or invoice) and it is valid for 24 hours unless differently specified.
Should you exceed any pre-booked hours with chauffeurs, guides; products or items then additional fees may apply. A final invoice will be issued by us in the 7 working days following your trip.

Article 3 – Payment Terms

3.1. Deposit

To confirm your booking, we will ask for a full deposit (100%) unless advised otherwise to you. A trip is not considered as confirmed until the deposit has been received. If your balance payment has not been made or received in due time, we reserve the right to cancel your trip and deposit will not be refundable.

3.2. Payment and Fees

Payments should be made by Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) or International Wire Transfer. We do not accept checks.
Depending on the requested mean of payment, payment fees may apply:
- 3% fee for payments by credit card
- 19€ fee for wire transfers (no fees for SEPA wire transfers).

Fees may be rounded up and are subject to modification if the minimum amount to be paid (excluding fees) is equal or lower than 250€.
In any case, you are responsible for paying any extra fees that your bank or credit card company may charge you.

3.3. Information accuracy

The Travel Agent/Expert/Organizer must act as a principal and produce all bookings and be the primary point of contact whom we deal with. He is responsible for making all payments regardless the method of settlement he wishes to use at the time of confirmation.
For online payments: you agree to provide accurate and up-to-date payment information at the time you make the reservation. We use a third-party payment processor to facilitate bookings on our Site. When booking through our Site, you will provide your payment details and any additional information required to complete your booking with us. This information is then sent to our third-party processor to complete your transaction. For your convenience, we do not retain any of your payment information. However, since we use a third party for payment procedures, they might have to retain certain information in case of reimbursement. Please note that online payment transactions are subject to validation checks by our payment processor and your card issuer, and we are not responsible if your card issuer declines to authorize payment for any reason. For your protection, our payment processor uses various fraud prevention protocols and industry standard verification systems to reduce fraud. Please note, it is possible that your card issuer may charge you an online handling fee or processing fee. We are not responsible for this. In some jurisdictions, our payment processor may use third parties under strict confidentiality and data protection requirements for the purposes of payment processing services.
You agree to have sufficient funds or credit available upon placement of any such reservation to ensure that the purchase price will be collectible by us.
Although we make sure to provide accurate pricing information for the Services available on our site, we cannot guarantee there will never be pricing errors. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to not process or to cancel any reservations placed for the experiences or Services in which the price was incorrectly posted on the Site as a result of an error. If this occurs, we will notify you by email.

Article 4 – Booking Confirmation

After you place your reservation, we will send you by email a payment receipt and all the instructions (such as meeting points, contact details of guides, schedules…) regarding your itinerary.
Please check this confirmation email carefully as soon as you receive it. Contact us immediately if any information which appears on the confirmation or any other document appears to be incorrect or incomplete as it may not be possible to make changes later. We regret we cannot accept any liability if we are not notified of any inaccuracies (for which we are responsible) in any document within ten days of our sending it out (five days for tickets). We will do our best to rectify any mistake notified to us outside these time limits but you must meet any costs involved in doing so.
Note that not all information may be available at the time of booking, such as, exact chauffeurs number (as planning are often confirmed the day before the Service). Therefore, we will continue to communicate with you by e-mail in relation to your booking. You must accordingly check your e-mails on a regular basis. We may also contact you by telephone if we cannot, for whatever reason, contact you by e-mail. All documents, notices and other information relating to your booking will be forwarded to you and you will be held responsible in forwarding this to your client (traveler) without failing to include any details.
Some Services may be available when you make your reservation, and completely booked or unavailable by the time we confirm the reservation with our Suppliers. Should this happen, we will notify you by email, and offer alternatives as described in Article 6.2.
You are solely responsible for the accuracy and completeness of all information you provide to us, including the names, ages, email addresses and other information we request, of all persons traveling, desired dates of travel and the full details of any travel arrangements that you make yourself that may affect the trip. We will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incomplete information you give us or for the effect of this on the confirmed itinerary. Any expense or charge we incur in amending any confirmed itinerary as a result of such inaccurate or incomplete information will be your sole responsibility, and we will not be responsible for any inconvenience, loss or damage you suffer as a result. You represent and warrant to us that you have the right and all necessary permissions to provide us any such information about people other than yourself.
Our general practice is to send documents to our clients electronically whenever possible. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee should you make a request for such documents to be sent as a hard copy.

4.1. Tickets

BubbleGlobe is not the issuer, nor the original seller and its aim and business is to browse in the markets, always through checked and trustworthy Suppliers (mostly official vendors), in order to find the best available options that match the client’s interests.
Some tickets for events, monuments and museums have specific booking conditions and may not be available for purchase at the time of your booking.
You agree and accept that initial schedules we confirmed you, may be adapted depending on availability and that you may receive tickets until the day before the Service.
In the event that we are not able to secure tickets as per confirmed in your itinerary we will offer you alternative schedules (pending of your approval) or cancel your booking for this Service.

4.2. Hospitality Package

Sometime invitations, tickets or hospitality packages purchased are not commercial offerings and so not available through retail channels and are sold at prices obtained directly from Suppliers, which may include service charges reflecting costs and efforts in obtaining the invitations therefore prices are subject to market conditions and demand and can be much more expensive regardless the face value of the ticket.
You accepts that the value of an unfindable ticket can be much higher than its face value and, if accepted, for no reason, you can rise a complaint about it by comparing other options which have been found in the market in a different period.
If the event is cancelled by the venue, we will have to act with the reimbursement according with the rules of the venue and for no reason will be able to act differently and offer a higher compensation rather than what the venue decides to offer.
In case a hospitality package is purchased and the event is cancelled, the refund may only include the face value of the ticket and a different refund may be given for the cost of the package at discretion of the hospitality organizer’s decision. In case the local government authorized the organizer to give credit vouchers instead of refund, you must accept this decision which goes beyond our influence or control.
We will only be liable to deliver the package described in the invoice sent with the confirmation. We will not be held responsible for inaccuracies in this information if the client is unable to attend the event for any reason.

Article 5 - Suppliers

BubbleGlobe is acting as intermediary and most of the Services that you will book through us are provided by independent suppliers. Those suppliers provide these services in accordance with their own terms and conditions. Some of these terms and conditions may limit or exclude the supplier's liability to you, usually in accordance with applicable international conventions. Copies of the relevant parts of these terms and conditions and of the international conventions are available on request from ourselves or the supplier concerned.
You acknowledge and agree that your use of, or participation in, certain goods and services that may comprise your itinerary may be subject to separate terms, conditions, waivers or other agreements with the relevant owner or operator. You agree to familiarize yourself with, and abide by, such agreements and acknowledge that your violation of any such agreements may result in cancellation of your booking, in you being denied access to, or participation in, the relevant good or service and you forfeiting monies paid for such bookings. Please contact us if you have questions or difficulty locating any such terms and conditions.

Article 6 – Cancellation

6.1. Changes and cancellation by you

Cancellation policies may vary depending on the Services and our Suppliers. These will be advised to you before booking (upon your request) or in any case at the time of booking (in your invoice or payment link). It is your responsibility to carefully read these cancellation policies.
All Services are rain or shine though there may be variations to accommodate the weather at our sole discretion. All Services will start promptly on time. If the Client is late of more than 30 minutes from the schedule time of the Service, we will consider this as a “No-show” and this will be treated as a last-minute cancellation by the Client and no refund will be issued.
If you wish to make any other changes to the booking after we have sent confirmation, we will try our best but cannot promise to meet any request and it may be subject to the approval by our Suppliers to us and payment of any additional costs by you.
All cancellations must be advised in writing and are effective on the day they are received by our company. Please kindly note we do not accept cancellations from 5PM to 7AM GMT+2.
We will not refund administration fees or credit card fees related to your booking if you cancel, always and regardless of the reason. You further agree not to seek to avoid credit card charges (I.E chargebacks) for refunds or other amounts that you are not entitled to receive under these Conditions. Additionally, any ticket or attraction purchased for any event or entrance are non-refundable, non-exchangeable.
Refunds (if any) will be paid in the next 30 days upon reception of the cancellation notice. If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your travel insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim your cancellation charges through your insurer.

6.2. Changes and cancellations by us

We will do our utmost to deliver the Services which we have contracted to provide to you. As we put in place the arrangements necessary to enable us to offer our range of Services months in advance, we may occasionally have to make changes and reserve the right to do so at any time.

In the case of a cancellation or change in a Service, we will make all reasonable efforts to notify you as soon as practically possible and, in the event of a change or cancellation in a Service, offer you the following alternatives:
- (i) accept the proposed modifications, including any resulting increase and/or decrease in the total price of the Service. If the total price of the Service increases, you agree to promptly pay the increase. If the total price of the Service decreases, you will receive (A) a pro rata refund of any previously paid deposit still held by us (and not yet paid to the applicable Supplier on your behalf) for the modified Service component and (B) any available refund or credit issued by the applicable Supplier (as determined solely by the applicable Supplier's cancellation policy);
- (ii) cancel the applicable Service component and receive (A) a pro rata refund of any deposit still held by us (and not yet paid to the applicable Supplier on your behalf) for the cancelled component and (B) any available refund or credit issued by the applicable Supplier (as determined solely by the applicable Supplier's cancellation policy);
- (iii) book an alternative Service to that originally purchased or booked. If the new total of the Service is more than the original total of the Service, you agree to promptly pay the difference. If the new total of the Service is less than the original total of the Service, you will receive (A) a refund of any previously paid deposit still held by us (and not yet paid to Suppliers on your behalf) for the original Service and (B) any available refund or credit issued by the applicable Supplier (as determined solely by the applicable Supplier's cancellation policy).

You must notify us of your choice regarding material changes or cancellation within 7 days of our notice and before the scheduled time of the Service. If you fail to do so, we will assume that (a) in the case of material changes, you have chosen to decline the change and will consider your Service (or the applicable trip component, as you and we agree) cancelled under the terms set forth above or (b) in the case of cancellation, you have chosen to accept the cancellation and not re-book the Service under the terms set forth above. You acknowledge and agree that in the case of a material change or cancellation, we have no responsibility or liability for (1) refunding deposits or other amounts paid to a Supplier on your behalf and that any such refund or credit shall be provided solely by the Supplier, (2) refunding or obtaining refunds or credits for deposits or other amounts paid by you for products or services booked directly by you or (3) advice or direction that we may provide with regard to refunds or credits, including, without limitation, the value of credits or the viability of Suppliers that provide them. You further agree not to seek to avoid credit card charges (i.e., chargebacks) for refunds or other amounts that you are not otherwise entitled to receive under the terms of this agreement.

Article 7 – Special Requests

Any special requests must be advised to us at the time of booking and made in writing before you confirm your itinerary (I.E dietary requirements, allergies, medical condition etc). Whilst every effort will be made by us to arrange your special requests, we cannot guarantee that they will be fulfilled.
We will try to arrange for any such special requests, accommodations or modifications to be met and made, but cannot guarantee that they will be, nor will we be liable if they are not unless (a) the request relates to accommodations we are required to make to comply with applicable laws, including regarding a medical condition or disability, and (b) we specifically confirm the special request, accommodations or modifications in writing either via email apart from the itinerary or via a new itinerary emailed to you confirming the foregoing. Unless and until specifically confirmed in writing by us, all special requests, accommodations and modifications are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.
If the Client or any member of his party has any medical issue or disability that may require a reasonable accommodation, you must tell us, in writing, before you confirm the itinerary so that the possibility of any reasonable accommodation can be explored. Please note that if full details regarding the above are not given at the time of booking or confirmation, and are disclosed after the itinerary is confirmed and deposit paid, we reserve the right to cancel those portions of the Service that are affected and are unable to be accommodated when we become aware of these details. We will refund you the applicable portion of the total Service price but only if (a) we are required to do so by applicable laws; and (b) such amounts are still held by us or are reasonably recoverable from our Suppliers.
We regret we cannot accept any conditional bookings, i.e. any booking which is specified to be conditional on the fulfilment of a particular request. All such bookings will be treated as “standard” bookings subject to the above provisions on special requests.

Article 8 – Force Majeure

“Force Majeure Event” means any event which we or the Supplier of the Service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid and which effects cannot be avoided by appropriate measures. Force Majeure Events include, but are not limited to, (actual or threatened) war, riot, civil strife, pandemic, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, technical problems with transport, machinery or equipment, power failure, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood, drought and adverse weather conditions that in each case occur in the location to which you or we are traveling. In particular, the parties agree that epidemics and pandemics (especially the Covid-19 pandemic) shall constitute force majeure events pursuant to this contract.
Neither you nor we will be considered in breach of these Conditions (nor will you or we be liable to the other for damages, loss, expense) if you or we fail to perform (or timely perform) our obligations hereunder, excluding your payment obligations, to the extent such failure is caused by a Force Majeure Event. This includes damages for any component of your trip that cannot take place due to a Force Majeure Event prohibiting one or more Suppliers from providing their products or Services.
We regret we will be unable to make any refunds (unless we obtain any refunds from our Suppliers), pay you any compensation or meet any costs or expenses you incur as a result.

Article 9 – Limitation of Liability

Generally, without limiting any protections to which we may be entitled by certain international convention, you specifically acknowledge and agree that the disclaimers and limitations of liability in this section and elsewhere in this agreement are a material part of the bargain between us and that we would not be able to offer you the Services we provide, arrange your trips or undertake our obligations in this agreement in the same manner and for the prices we offer without them.
- (i) We promise to make sure that the Services we have agreed to make, perform or provide as applicable as part of our contract with you are made, performed or provided with reasonable skill and care. Please note, it is your responsibility to show that reasonable skill and care has not been used if you wish to make a claim against us.
- (ii) We neither own nor control the Suppliers that provide the Services that comprise your chosen itinerary. Therefore, you acknowledge and agree that we are not providing the transportation, accommodation or other services that make up your trip; our Suppliers are responsible for those components. Our sole obligations to you are to provide our trip planning and curating Services, to act as your agent in booking components of confirmed itineraries and to take reasonable care in the selection of Suppliers, all in accordance with these Conditions.
- (iii) We will only be responsible for what our employees do or do not do if they were at the time acting within the course of their employment. We disclaim any and all liability or responsibility for the actions or failures to act of any Supplier and their employees and contractors.
- (iv) To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, we will not be responsible or liable and disclaims any and all liability for, any claims, causes of action, suits, liabilities, damages, losses, fines, penalties, costs and expenses of any kind (together, “Claims”), including Claims for injury, illness or death that is caused by, results or arises from or in connection with any of the following:
- the act(s) and/or omission(s) of the person(s) affected or any member(s) of the traveler’s party, including (A) his breach of this Agreement; (B) his failure to comply with applicable laws; and/or (C) his negligence, gross negligence or willful misconduct of any kind;
- the act(s) and/or omission(s) of a third party who is not connected with our providing the Services and which were unforeseeable or unavoidable or
- the acts and/or omissions of our agents, sub-contractors and Suppliers who have acted outside our authority
- “Force Majeure Even” as defined in Article 8 of these Conditions.
- (v) Our Suppliers and local representatives are instructed not to act as our agents in booking any activities except for those booked directly through us. Therefore, please note, we cannot accept responsibility if the traveler or a member of his party suffers death, illness or injury during his holiday arising out of any services which do not form part of our contract. This includes any additional services or facilities that the client would purchase through any other supplier who agrees to provide for him where the services or facilities are not advertised by us and we have not agreed to arrange them as part of our contract. Please also see article 10 “General area information and recommendations”.
- (vi) Please note, we cannot accept any liability for any damage, loss, expense or other sum(s) of any description (a) which on the basis of the information given to us by you concerning your client’s booking prior to our accepting it, we could not have foreseen he would suffer or incur if we breached our contract with you or (2) which did not result from any breach of contract or other fault by ourselves or our employees or, where we are responsible for them, our Suppliers. Additionally we cannot accept liability for any business losses.
- (vii) Our total liability shall not exceed the total sum paid we have charged for the booking (including deposits and administration charges) excluding any personal injury suffered by the traveler or of his party as a result of our failing to perform, or the improper performance, of the services involved in experience and is subject to the limitations below.
- (viii) Our liability is limited in accordance with any limits or exclusions in accordance with any international convention (also called “treaties”), which generally limits the liability of transport operators. These include the Montreal Convention, the Athens convention, the Berne/Cotif convention and the Paris convention. Copies of the applicable international conventions and regulations are available from us on request.
If, regardless of the foregoing and the protections of international law, we are found liable to you for any claims, you acknowledge and agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, our liability to you will be limited as follows:
- we will not be liable to you for any special, consequential, incidental, punitive or other indirect damages of any kind for any claim, whether arising in contract, tort or under any other theory of damages, and whether or not we knew or should have known that such damages were possible or likely and whether or not arising from our ordinary negligence;
- we will not be liable to you for any damages claimed for emotional distress, mental suffering or psychological injury of any kind, regardless of how caused or occasioned, except our intentionally and willful acts; and
- your direct damages for any and all claims will be limited to the lesser of (a) damages not covered by your required travel insurance and (b) that portion of the total trip price attributable to the Service that has given rise to your claim.

- (ix) We may, at our discretion, offer assistance provided we have confirmed that we are willing to provide assistance in writing. If you bring a successful action against a third party or you or the client are covered by insurance for anything we provide assistance for, we will be able to recover from him the cost of any assistance we have given to him. If you or the traveler are considering legal action against a third party and you would like our assistance, you must provide us with full details and obtain our consent before commencing of any proceedings.
- (x) Survival of limitations. You specifically acknowledge and agree that the foregoing limitations, will survive even if any remedy fails in its essential purpose.
- (xi) To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless us, our Suppliers, and our respective affiliates, parent companies and subsidiaries and any such entities’ officers, directors, contractors employees and agents from and against any Claims, caused by, resulting or arising from or incidental to your actions or failures to act under or in connection with this Agreement, including your breach of these Conditions, your negligence, gross negligence or willful misconduct and your violation of applicable laws.
- (xii) The information, software, products, and services provided by us or our Suppliers or published on our Site may include inaccuracies or errors, including pricing errors. We do not guarantee the accuracy of, and disclaim all liability for any errors or other inaccuracies relating to such information that appears on our Site. We expressly reserve the right to correct any pricing errors on our Site and/or on pending reservations made under an incorrect price. In such event, if available, we will offer you the alternatives defined in Article 6.2.
- (xiii) We make no representations about the suitability of the information, software, products, and services provided by us or contained on our Site for any purpose. The inclusion or offering of any products or services by us does not constitute our endorsement or recommendation of such product or service. All such information, software, products, and services are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. We disclaim all warranties that our Site, its servers or any email sent from us or our Suppliers are free of viruses or other harmful components. We hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions with regard to this information, software, products, and services, including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and no infringement.

Article 10 - General area information and recommendations

We may provide you with information (before departure and/or during your client’s trip) about activities, restaurants and excursions which are available in the area the client is visiting. We have no involvement in any such activities restaurants or excursions which are neither run, supervised, controlled nor endorsed in any way by us. They are provided by other third parties who are entirely independent of us. They do not form any part of your contract with us even where we suggest particular third parties and/or assist you in booking such activities, restaurants or excursions in any way. We cannot accept any liability on any basis in relation to such activities, restaurant or excursions and the acceptance of liability contained in article 10 of our booking conditions will not apply to them. We do not however exclude liability for the negligence of ourselves or our employees resulting in your death or personal injury.
We cannot guarantee accuracy at all times of information given in relation to such activities, restaurants or excursions or about the area your client is visiting generally or that any particular excursion, restaurant or activity which does not form part of our contract will take place as these services are not under our control. If you or your client feel that any of the activities, restaurants or excursions referred to in our brochure, on our Site and in our other advertising material which are not part of our contract are vital to the enjoyment of your client’s trip, write to us immediately and we will tell you the latest known situation. If we become aware of any material alterations to area information and/or such outside activities, restaurants or excursions which can reasonably be expected to affect your decision to book Services with us, we will pass on this information at the time of booking.

Article 11 - Traveler Responsibilities

11.1. Behavior

Travelers are responsible for their behavior and any members of their party. Travelers must comply with rules and regulations set by all Suppliers and all applicable laws, in an orderly and acceptable manner and in such a way as not to disrupt the enjoyment of other people.
Although we and our Suppliers take all reasonable precautions to prevent accidents or injury, Travelers acknowledge and agree that some of the activities on the trip in which they participate do have a risk of accident and injury. Therefore, they agree and acknowledge they will not take any unreasonable risks, and if they do, then they are responsible for their own actions and any loss or damage flowing.
We and our Suppliers reserve the right to refuse and to remove the traveler and/or any member of his party from any transport, accommodation or part of holiday if any of the member of the party is drunk; under the influence of drink or drugs; is reasonably believed to be in possession of unlawful drugs; are behaving violently, disruptively, dangerously or irresponsibly; act in a manner which presents a risk or is causing a nuisance or annoyance to others. If we are forced to terminate the client’s trip under this Section, our Suppliers and we will have no further obligations to to and your client whatsoever and the termination will be considered a cancellation by the client. No refunds will be made, no compensation paid, and no costs or expenses incurred by you or the client reimbursed or recoverable from us in any of the above circumstances. Finally, the traveler acknowledges and agrees that he may also be liable for certain Claims (as defined in Article 9 (iv), including payment for loss or damage to persons or property, caused by his actions and he will be solely responsible for any legal and financial obligations associated with such Claims.

11.2. Insurance

Travel insurance is a vital part of your trip. We strongly recommend that you have taken the adequate insurance for all persons booking a trip with us. You must ensure that your insurance is valid for the duration of the trip. Your insurance policy must be comprehensive and include sufficient cover, especially regarding cancellation, curtailment, theft, accident, repatriation, medical, third party, liability for injury to others and death, and loss or damage to equipment. You must produce proof of insurance if required by us. We do not check alternative insurance policies. Please read your policy details carefully and take them with you on holiday.

11.3. Documentation

The party leader is responsible for obtaining all required travel documentation: passport, visa, health and immigration requirements applicable to his itinerary, including any required or recommended vaccinations. It is also his responsibility to ensure that all members of the party are in possession of all necessary travel and health documents before departure and that these documents are in good order and that they have them with them when necessary. We are not responsible for any costs incurred due to your party not having the correct documentation when required.

11.4. Medical

You are responsible for telling us and any Suppliers of any medical or health condition that could have an effect on your ability to participate in or your performance on the trip and of any pre-existing medical problems/conditions. If your medical condition should change during the course of the trip, you must keep us informed. Any medical information you submit to us will be held in the strictest confidence and we will abide by all of its obligations under our Data Privacy Policy. If we reasonably feel unable to properly accommodate the particular needs of the person concerned, we must reserve the right to decline their reservation. In the event your trip is cancelled or curtailed because you have failed to inform us of any medical condition, you will not be entitled to any refund and we will be entitled to recover from you any loss that we have incurred.

11.5. Other Arrangements

You are responsible for purchasing any flights, other transportation, hotel rooms or other accommodations, and meals and other services or arrangements that are not booked with or through us as part of your trip that, (a) require to take the trip, including participating in all activities listed in the confirmed itinerary; and/or (ii) you may otherwise want. Full details of any travel or other arrangements that you make in conjunction with your trip (such as flights, hotels and/or transfers) that are not booked with or through us must be given to us as soon as possible.
You are solely responsible for checking in for flights at the correct time and for presenting yourself to take up all pre-booked components of your trip. We will not accept responsibility for clients missing flights or Services as a result of late check-ins or failure to arrive at the arranged time and no credit or refunds will be given if you fail to take up any component of your trip. No credit or refunds will be

11.6. Travel Advice

You are responsible for making yourself aware of applicable governmental authorities’ warnings in regard to the safety of the countries and areas in which you will be travelling and to make your decisions accordingly.

11.7. Reviewing Itinerary

You are responsible to check all itineraries, invoices and all other documentation we send you carefully as soon as you receive them. Contact us immediately if any information that appears on any document appears to be incorrect or incomplete as it may not be possible to make changes later.

Article 12 - Law & Jurisdiction

This contract shall be governed by French Law and shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the French Courts regardless where the online payment gateway was based at the time of the charge and the merchant number used to perform the payment transaction.

Article 13 - Complaints

If you feel that any part of the booking arrangements is not provided as we promised, you should notify ourselves as soon as possible. If the traveler is unable to resolve any dispute before the return from his holiday you must provide us with written details within 30 days of his return. Any delays in advising us can make it difficult for us to investigate the complaint fully. We do not guarantee any particular redress for complaints.

Article 14 - Intellectual Property

The contents of the Site (logos, texts, graphic elements, videos, etc.) are protected by intellectual property rights including copyright, under applicable laws.
Using our Site does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights to the content you access on the Site. You may not use content from our Site outside the Site unless you obtain permission from us in writting, or unless otherwise permitted by applicable law.
If you believe any content on the Site infringes your intellectual property rights, you may request us to remove the content from the Services (or disable access to that content).

Article 15 - Privacy Policy

You consent to our processing and sharing of personal information about you and other members of your party that you have provided to us in accordance with the terms of and for the purposes set forth in our privacy policy. You represent that you have read and agree to the terms of our privacy policy, which can be found at our website.

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