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We are a French luxury DMC

based in Paris

We create high-end experiences for your clients traveling to Paris and Normandy.

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Our access to a private and confidential network allows us to combine discovery and exclusivity to create unique moments of sharing. For them, we propose privileged encounters with extraordinary personalities and make every effort to access the hidden gems of this wonderful capital.

Our experts, used a high-end and demanding type of clientele, are at your disposal to build unique and tailor-made experiences.





Don't forget our Classic Tours

Montmartre, Notre Dame, The Louvre... Classics will last forever! There are thousand ways to experience them. We like to offer authenticity always with a sparkling twist!

Our new destination


Discover fabulous places such as Mont-Saint-Michel, Giverny or Rouen. Explore one of the richest regions of France, through themes such as cycling, horseback riding, gastronomy, the Middle Ages or the D-Day beaches.

Apartments & Hotels

Starting from a superior 4 star hotel or a private apartment up to the best and most exclusive luxury 5 star Palace, our team of experts will find the best address for your clients.

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  • Cassandra

    Luxury Travel Advisor

    Phoenix, AZ

    « Lovely, thank you my clients have been SOOO pleased! I will work hard on getting more clients to book your tours! »

  • Christie

    Luxury Travel Advisor

    Greensboro, NC

    « I confess I woke up thinking about what a magical and marvelous time I had during that tour yesterday. Talk about extreme joy and delight. My passion meter was turned up to its highest point! »

  • Hannah

    Luxury Travel Advisor

    New York, NY

    « OBSESSED! Could these apartments be any more perfect or price point or cute! Thank you a million! »

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