Discover the Savoir-Vivre à la Française during Tea Time with a Countess

Marie, Countess de Tilly, welcomes you to her home for a lunch during which she will gently unveil the secrets of the Savoir-Vivre à la Française and together, will retrace the history of her ancestors.

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In my cozy apartment located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, you will be warmly invited for a tea time, that will be the epitome of all that is elegance and simplicity.

I will share with you the codes of a true savoir-vivre à la Française where elegance is a byword, a real communication tool and on which rests the foundation of all that is dress code, the art of listening, and respect for one another.

I will guide you through the practice of appropriate table manners, from the rules of invitation to the seating arrangements, through that art of table setting and that of the conversation.

I will gladly provide you with a true understanding and a way to demystify the codes of etiquette and French savoir-faire, “whose peak was reached at Versailles with Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette and so on”, so that your first impression is one that sets off a good example in society. A chic that is both modern and timeless!


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  • Marie,

    Countess de Tilly

    Marie, Countess de Tilly is the epitome of French savoir-vivre. Her family, an integral part of the history of France. Indeed, one of her ancestors, Alexandre de Tilly, was the Page of King Louis XIV whilst the Admiral de Tilly led Lafayette’s ship towards the fight for independence of the United States of America. As a member of one of the great families of the French Aristocracy, her name is also inscribed under the Arc de Triomphe. An international speaker, specialist of elegance, she knows the precise methods for untangling and simplifying the codes of etiquette while adapting the use of good manners to modern life, through the nuances of the “French Touch” that people dream of all over the world.


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Discover the Savoir-Vivre à la Française during Tea Time with a Countess

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